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Trip with MS Expedition August 2016 portfolio One of the most amazing trips I had around Svalbard on board of the GAdventures ship MS Expedition. Here some photos of the magical places we have visited and the megical things we have seen.
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Latest Photos portfolio See my latest photos from the magical Svalbard
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Polar night portfolio The period from November until February is often referred to as the polar night. The dark season has its' own magic as the world shows a completely different side to it.
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The daylight returns portfolio Dawn in the year long polar day. The light starts to return in February and in the appearing blue, pink and purple light a new world emerges.
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Winter in the daylight portfolio Morning time in the year long polar day. As the daylight returns in the winter a whole new world appears. From March until May a winter wonderland takes over the darkness and.
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Summer time portfolio The long day time in the year long polar day. The land comes to live, flowers and wildlife fill the landscape. The sun never sets, this is the long period of the midnight sun.
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Autumn portfolio The late afternoon and evening of the year long polar day. The sun finally sets for the first time since April and the darkness slowly creeps back again.
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Wildlife portfolio The wildlife in Svalbard is represented by most of the Arctic animals both on land and in the sea. Some of them are difficult to capture as they are very shy others are more willing to let humans close by. This is a selection of many years of photography.
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Colours of Svalbard portfolio A small selection of photos to show you the magical colours which nature creates in Svalbard. All photos were taken just around Longyearbyen, to prove you do not have to go far to find magic.